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Guidelines for safe hiking during hunting season

Hunting season is upon us in many parts of Canada. During this time, it is important to practice extra caution when out exploring the natural areas we share with wildlife.


NCC properties are open to the public, so we ask that all visitors to be aware and alert. Please check the provincial guidelines and regulations around hunting when planning your visit.

Here are some tips to follow to stay safe while out on Nature Destination trails:

  • Be mindful: Recognize that hunting activities may be taking place in the area.
  • Ensure you are wearing clothing that is visible to hunters and other visitors, such as hunter orange or another bright colour.
  • Alert hunters and wildlife of your presence by talking, whistling or making noises.
  • If you’re visiting an area with your pet, ensure they are on a leash and are wearing something with bright colours, such as a collar, leash or clothing.
  • Avoid hiking at dawn and dusk, and anytime visibility is limited.
  • Stay on designated trails and ensure you follow all NCC signage.